Antibody Discovery for
Next-Generation Therapies

We bring enabling technology and knowledge to every step of the antibody discovery process including:



Cell Enrichment





Next-Gen Sequencing




Any Target. Any Source.

We can screen diverse targets, including soluble and complex membrane proteins from natural immune repertoires:

Multiple Species

Including Humans

Various Tissues

Including Blood, Bone Marrow & Spleen

Any B Cell

Plasma & Activated


Small is Sensitive

Single antibody-secreting cells are isolated in nanoliter-volume chambers allowing secreted antibodies to be detected within hours with a variety of bead-based and cell-based assay formats.

Combining ultra high-throughput screening with enhanced sensitivity and flexibility means our microfluidic platform can deliver high-quality mAb therapeutic candidates with exceptional speed.

Smaller Volume, Higher Throughput, Exceptional Speed

Small volume chambers mean that millions of cells can be screened at the same time based on binding properties and antibody function, focusing downstream analysis on antibodies that matter.

State-of-the art automation during cell processing and recovery, combined with our deep technical expertise, means we can quickly and effectively identify rare antibodies with the desired therapeutic properties.

Looking for the sharpest needle in the stack?